The Trinity 2.0 Arrangement of Sraffa Papers Section D3/12: Notes on Production of Commodities by Means of Commodities


With the uploading of the digital images on the Wren website in their raw form, Sraffa’s wishes are being honored and respected. However, there is a downside to this too in that the material as it appears is vastly disorganized in terms of its structure, conceptual clarity, and analytical cogency. It is to the provision of this much-needed clarity and cogency that the pages below are directed. This takes the form of the Trinity 2.0 arrangement of Sraffa’s archival material, primarily an online endeavor that, beginning with the “mass of old notes” used in preparation of PCMC (archived at D3/12), organically interfaces the different conventions that have heretofore been applied to the material. This develops a complementary co-convention which renders Sraffa’s archival material better prepared for scientific study. Deep study of the archive requires that not only the individual pages written be studied, but also that the overall structure and content of the material be understood and contextualized. This is especially important for a scholar whose archival legacy is as rich and whose theoretical foundations as robust as Sraffa’s. The Trinity 2.0 arrangement attempts to provide this much needed structure and context by viewing the entirety of the material as a complete organic text and organizing upon this foundation. To date, Trinity 2.0 has been developed for the first 102 of the 115 files in Wren Trinity Sections D3/12 Sraffa’s Notes on PCMC, as well as Section D2/4 which contain Sraffa’s Lecture Notes on the Advanced Theory of Value given in 1928-31.

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